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50 albums: 1970 - A Beard of Stars by Tyrannosaurus Rex

I love Marc Bolan, I don't listen to him a lot, and generally when I do it'll be The Slider or Electric Warrior.

But my early Bolan albums were by Tyrannosaurus Rex, only I didn't know it at the time. 1971's Flyback and 1972's Ride a White Swan, I can remember being disappointed at the lack of Jeepster and Get It On, but listened to them all the same and grew to love them... and love them still!

Tyrannosaurus Rex masquerading as T. Rex

This is a good album, and it does sound like Marc is ready for greater things (greater = bigger, not necessarily better because some of this is peerless, and some of T.Rex is unlistenable). Certainly this sounds closer to the Marc we know and love than the previous albums (musically, because vocally Marc always sounds like Marc).

This is T.Rex doing album closer Elemental Child in Paris in 1971

And here's the first Tyrannosaurus Rex track I ever heard on that Flyback post T.Rex cash in album

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