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50 albums: 1971 - Get Carter by Roy Budd

Get Carter poster

And, as promised, Michael Caine turns up again. Roy Budd's main theme to the 1971 British Gangster pic Get Carter is a gem.

Get Carter, the film, is one of those problematic ones... a film you know is good but is frankly too unpleasant to want to revisit too often, I last watched it in 2002, I rated it highly 8/10 (I rate everything I watch with meaningless and inconsistent numbers), but have no desire to sit through it again.

The album I listened to on Spotify was about 40 minutes of music (including a couple of songs), not all of it as hypnotic and engrossing as the main theme. In between every track, however, were little snippets of dialogue from the film, which only reminded me of just how nasty the film is and reinforced my urge to steer clear of it when it turns up on the telly, which it does quite often.

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