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50 albums: 1972 - Moonshot by Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Moonshot
Ahh... it was a long time coming, but finally we have a Galaxie 500 connection. I knew of Buffy Sainte-Marie a long time before I really knew her. In November 1990 John Peel broadcast Galaxie 500's second Peel session that included a cover of Moonshot, and even then I didn't really know Buffy. That's because I never listened to Peel that night. I know I didn't because also as part of that session they recorded a cover the Sex Pistols Submission and a week or so afterwards they played their last London show at ULU and the guy in fromt of me screamed "Submission" between every song and I remember wondering what the hell he was shouting for!

Then four years later the internet arrived, and with the internet came encounters with other Galaxie 500 fans, and then a cassette tape of the Peel sessions and finally I knew Moonshot, but still I barely knew Buffy.

At some point between then and now the internet has taught me more. But still I've not listened to Moonshot, the album, nearly as much as I should have - it is (mostly) truly beautiful.

As I shouldn't pick Moonshot, here's my another fave track on the album because I'm an absolute sucker for a love song, and a love song with strings and listen to that brass! Such sweetness is hard not to love:

Over on A Head Full of Wishes I've been blogging about the tracks that Galaxie 500 (etc.) have covered over the years - that series reaches Moonshot next week.

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