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Julie Covington

Rock Follies (photo from this www.therockfollies.co.uk)
While putting together a post for A Head Full of Wishes on the Alice Cooper song Only Women Bleed I encountered Julie Covington's cover.

Julie Covington is not the sort of singer I usually find myself liking, but she keeps turning up. She's so not what I should love... she sings far too... well, and I don't often tolerate that - but the songs in Rock Follies were just so hilariously [awful/brilliant/strange] that it needed someone to stop them from being unbearable, and invariably it was Julie who did that. Also she was the coolest looking (until the perm in the second series anyway). And this from her 1971 solo album The Beautiful Changes is rather gorgeous...

The Magic Wasn't There (1971)

Only Women Bleed (1978)

Rock Follies - On The Road (1976)

With Phil Lynott and Richard Burton from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds (1978)

Oh go on then...

Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1976)

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