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50 albums: 1978 - Alive, vol 2 by Slade

Slade 2510720025Slade, Musikhalle Hamburg Oktober 1972 Before Anton went disco and I went heavy metal there was some common ground, it was mostly me picking up his leftovers, he was my big brother after all. He had lots of Slade albums, most of them were good, and a couple were great. Slade's first live album Alive! is a wonderful and charming document of a band at their height. I never knew of the existence of a second volume of Alive until earlier in the week. Wikipedia has a rather non-NPOV claim that the album is in fact

a heavy rock tour de force that captured the band at what many fans now regard as their peak

That is utter nonsense, the album is a chunky and unsubtle and has no feeling of authenticity. Shame. I never saw Slade until their post-Reading '80 re-birth and even then they were a fun live act... you wouldn't know it from Alive Vol, 2.

Also, the album sleeve was awful, which is why I chose not to use it above!

Here's Slade in 1971

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