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50 albums: 1976 - Passport by Nana Mouskouri

Still life with cat
My mum's taste over the years ran from classic country (Jim Reeves, Tammy Wynette, Don Williams) through Lee & Nancy, Nana Mouskouri and on to Daniel O'Donnell . But these loves came in waves, so there was a preiod in the mid 70s where Nana Mouskouri ruled and Passport was the Nana album I remember most. It was a 1976 compilation of mostly English language tracks with Nana's outstanding voice and some beautiful (and sometimes syrupy or cheesy) arrangements. The songs are mostly wise choices although Seasons in the Sun is a step to far. The album is a treat, and astonishingly familiar, almost to the point where I felt more attachment to her version of Bridge Over Troubled Water than to Simon & Garfunkel's.

The White Rose of Athens

I know that first photo wasn't of the correct album sleeve but it was too awesome a photo to be relegated to second place! Here is Passport...
Nana Mouskori - Passport

Here's a Nancy and Lee song I remember my mum loving (although the memories of this one are mixed in with memories of what I believe were a difficult time for my parents)

My mum was a fan of music and classic film, which gave us an anchor during the difficult period of my growing up, we always had things we were able to talk about.

By the way, I learnt, while putting this post together that "Nana Mouskouri" is another one of those people who have become an "image" as much as a person. So, an image search for "Nana Mouskouri" will bring up a significant number of pictures of people with long hair and bold glasses who aren't in fact Nana.

The most notable other example is "Lemmy" - a search on Flickr for "Lemmy" will bring up...
1/3rd pictures of Lemmy
1/3rd pictures of people dressed as (or who look like) Lemmy
1/3rd pictures of cats!?

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