On Saturday we went on a rather splending guided walk around Whitechapel with "old map man" Ken - the premise is we walk around a modern city using ancient maps to help us find a relationship with the past. It's a wonderful idea which involves you more than just being talked at, and Ken was knowledgeable and engaging... which is just as well because for (most of) this walk we were his only customers!

German church18th century German church in Alie Street

Eastern DispensaryThe Eastern Dispensary in Leman Street

Wiltons Music HallWiltons Music Hall

MissionSt Paul's Mission Room on Wellclose Square and on its last legs

PigeonsPigeons on a warehouse built upon a plague pit

Proof HouseSomewhere to go to prove your guns are working

Bell FoundryThe Whitechapel Bell Foundry - the oldest manufacturing company in Great Britain (sounds of making)

Rowton HouseRowton House