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BtVS: Enemies and Earshot

Willow investigates... "so, a whole year without a blog post? Why might that be?"

Wow! It's been a year since we left off the Buffy re-watch, the last episode we watched way back then was Enemies... frankly it was so long ago that I can't really remember it - but the clues in Earshot (which we just watched) remind me that Faith and Angel snogged, Buffy got jealous, but it was all a plan (to expose Faith not to get Buffy jealous) - ho-hum. Lots of talk in Earshot about how Buffy should just try talking to the folk involved rather than jumping to conclusions - which is what we shout at the telly quite often during Buffy... "just ask!"

So... Earshot is a lovely little ease back into Buffy, a nice mix of funny lines, silly but fun plot, a little bit of Buffy preaching, and sweet twist - if you don't want to be spoiled best stop here because I will be posting a picture of the twist later... although it's a twist that Xander calls right near the beginning. Basically Buffy gets deafened by the sound of thinking...

Saloon - The Sound of Thinking

I love that Cordy is the most honest of all of them...

(Thinks) I don't see what this has to do with me.
(Says) I don't see what this has to do with me
(Thinks) Whatever. I wonder when I can go.
(Says) Whatever. Can I go?

... Willow, once again embraces being in charge...

Talk to everyone on your list... and use the sample questions. Oh! Write neatly... and, and label your worksheets.

And Giles walks into a tree

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