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50 albums: 1983 - Another Perfect Day by Motorhead

My copy of Another Perfect Day

This is a little Motorhead history lesson, based not on research, but on the memories of a fan. In 1982, the band started recording the follow up to the hugely successful Ace of Spades, they decided that this time guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke would produce. This didn't go well and, coupled with an ill-advised (and frankly terrible) collaboration that Lemmy recorded with Wendy O Williams of the Plasmatics, led to a rift in the group that would never heal. Eddie left (or was sacked).

In July 1982, Motorhead roped in former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson for some gigs. The second of these shows was at Hackney Speedway stadium. A poorly organised, and sparsely attended all-dayer. Motorhead arrived on stage and Robbo showed up with his short curly hair and wearing insanely short shiny shorts... he looked like the anti-Eddie. He also sounded different. This was clearly a different Motorhead.

In 1983 Another Perfect Day was released. It got fairly good reviews, this was the band moving on. The tour however, didn't go well, maybe because the fans weren't ready to move on. In July they played two nights at The Marquee in Wardour Street, I went to both gigs... on my own, it was my last gesture as a fan. Robbo was sacked, (drummer) Philthy Animal Taylor left, and so Motorhead became Lemmy's backing band. I saw them on the next tour promoting the No Remorse compilation, but it was already nostalgia by that point.

Ju and meJulian and me (in my APD T-shirt) in the summer of 1983

So the band moved back and I moved on... 1983 into 1984 saw the next significant shift in my development.

Another Perfect Day was Motorhead's last album... for me. These days, when I go back to Motorhead it tends to be the 1977-79 Motorhead albums but this stands up pretty well next to the best of Motorhead.

Shine was Motorhead's last great single... here they are miming to it

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