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50 albums: 1989 - On Fire by Galaxie 500

Galaxie 500 - On FIre
Turns out the hardest post (so far) has been writing about an album I've listened to more than any other...
letter to Galaxie 500

If the postcard had been bigger, it would have said this:

Dear Galaxie 500,

Just under half my life has passed since I first heard your second album, On Fire. It was the first Galaxie 500 I had heard and it was given to me on a C90 cassete by a friend in late 1989. I think he wanted me to listen to whatever was on the other side, I'm not 100% sure what that was.

Almost 25 years on and it still is the most perfect thing I've ever heard. I'd suggest that a month hasn't gone by when I haven't listened to at least some of it, in all of those 25 years. But more than that even, what your album did for me is to open a crack into a world I could only have dreamt of: a world of friends I've never met, and some I have; a world of music and musicians; a world of being social when I'm naturally reclusive; a world of discovering a new me.

That might all sound overly dramatic, but looking back over how those 25 years have panned out it was a pretty important moment when I flipped that tape.

Thanks, Andy

Seriously, if you want to know what the inside of my head sounds like most of the time:
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