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50 albums: 1992 - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by The Aphex Twin

Disque 33T
Allmusic called this album "a watershed of ambient music" saying that it "reveals no influences and sounds unlike anything that preceded it" - to be honest I think that may be stretching things a wee bit. I bought the first two Aphex Twin "Analogue Bubblebath" EPs in the early 90s, mostly I guess because the inkies were all over them. While I could appreciated the innovation, they were of varying quality and occasionally uninspiring. The same can be levelled at "Selected Ambient Works."

And lets face it ... Ageispolis has a bit too much of the shopping-mall-pan-pipe-thing going on!

A couple of years later The Future Sound of London released the true masterpiece of the genre with Lifeforms

50 films and 50 albums

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