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50 films: 2013 - Serious Drugs - A film about the BMX Bandits

Picture from the Serious Drugs bandcamp page

I'm not really a fan of music documentaries so despite having pre-ordered this (it was crowd-funded - not crowd funded - see comment below), and paid more for it than I'd generally pay for a DVD, I've never got around to watching it. I love the BMX Bandits and have caught them four or five times over the years; I knew a little about their history, you can't have an interest in 90s Scottish indie music without knowing where Duglas and the BMX Bandits fit into that, but somehow I wasn't really sure that I wanted to watch it.

It's a quaint film, it has interviews with the major players, and a fair quantity of archive footage. And it has Duglas, lots of Duglas. Duglas making tea, Duglas making cheese on toast, and Duglas opening up, but only a little bit, so we know there were problems but we don't get to hear what the problems really were (or are). And that's a good thing, for me at least, I don't want to know all the gritty details of the hard times, I just like the idea that no matter how hard the hard times are, someone will be around to help.

Sadly what the film lacks is any decent complete performances of any songs, and the DVD comes with no extras in this area either. I guess clearance became difficult or expensive, but to talk for 90 minutes about music without giving you even one complete performance is a disappointment... luckily, we have YouTube.

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