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50 films: 1971 - Anand

On Sunday morning I walked into Southall with a list of films I wanted to watch. A-Z Music on the broadway had a pile of DVDs outside and while browsing, the young proprieter came out and pulled me into the shop, I showed him my list and after shuffling through piles of DVDs he managed to find two of the films, Anand, and a Satyajit Ray children's film Joi Baba Felunath. He also gave me a Bollywood CD and his card saying I should just email him my lists!

For fear of being spoiled I didn't look to hard at the plot of Anand, had I done so I'd probably have saved watching it until another time. It involves a terminally ill young man and the effect his final months have on the people around him. It also touches on faith, religion, medicine, family and friendship. It centres on the relationship between the vivacious and dying (and rather annoying) Anand and the serious and solemn doctor Bhaskar. It is a lively and often fun film, despite its subject matter, and it has some beautifully crafted scenes, four great songs, and the acting is wonderful (and the actors beautiful!).

Screengrabs from amitabhbachchan.ucoz.net

My mother was Anglo-Indian, born in Chakradharpur, a small railway town in the west of India, and grew up in Calcutta. Somehow despite this heritage, and my love of film, I watched very little Indian cinema while growing up. It's only in the last couple of years I've decided to fix that.

50 films and 50 albums

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