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Another 50 albums: 1964 - Nara by Nara Leão

The World Cup kicks off this evening. Four weeks of our telly tied up with overpaid fancy-dans, falling over, or feisty, underpaid no hopers getting fallen over I guess. Either way it holds very little interest for me, and even less when Cameroon, who I pulled out in the work sweepstake, probably go out in the group stages.

So I'm off to Brazil...

Despite a bit of effort on my part, 50 albums, was white, male, western rock heavy (and no doubt Another... will be too). Nara was a Brazilian singer who, a bit of cursory research suggests, went political, after this album. I'm not sure if this is bossanova (which she apparently later described as 'alienating'), it's rather good though, and Nara had a beautiful voice. Of course, I haven't a clue what she's singing but I've been working hard to try and stop that bothering me.

This album is lovely, as is that sleeve. This is part of why CDs (and cassettes) were (are) so hateful, an album cover this beautiful deserves to be (at least) 12" x 12"

She died in 1989 and was just 47.

Nara Leão

50 films and 50 albums

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