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Another 50 albums: 1971 - Blessed Are... by Joan Baez

Joan Baez - Blessed Are... (1971)
My dad's a Joan Baez fan so we had plenty of her albums around the house. Blessed Are... is the one I listened to more than any of the others, and doesn't it look like it? I'm not sure who was responsible for the failed sticker removal, it could quite easily have been me - I know that at some point I decided this album was mine, and not my dad's.

I'd guess that it was those high profile cover versions that got me listening in the first place (The Band, The Stones, The Beatles), but the more I listened the more I started to notice the other songs on the album, both Joan's and those by songwriters whose names meant less than Robertson, Jagger/Richards and Lennon/McCartney. It's been a good few years since I've dug this LP out (last time I listened to it I expect that Joan's version of The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down was the version I was most familiar with) so hearing it again was a treat, I was surprised how familiar the whole thing was.

Next week I'm off to see Joan at the RFH as my dad can't make it and he off-loaded his tickets on us. We were very glad to take them.

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