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Hitch #4 - Downhill (1927)

A mostly dreadful story and some decidedly average acting is barely rescued by a few imaginative Hitch offerings. And even if Hitch's genius had shone brightly - the dreadful story would still overshadow it.

Our DVD copy was silent... not as in a "silent film" but as in a film with no sound... at all. After 10 minutes we opted to put on a record, and chose one we'd picked up at a charity shop a couple of months ago. Joyce Hatto's Music from the Films was an authentic Hatto recording from the early 60s rather than from her later, fraudulent catalogue.

The music fitted surprisingly well, not always, but often enough to make its fit more enjoyable than the film itself.

Lesson learned: Friendship and loyalty should be a two way street
Watched: 2014-08-20
Source: DVD
Rating: 4/10

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