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Hitch #24 - The Lady Vanishes (1938)


The Lady Vanishes (1938)

I guess this might be the last time I talk about my Favourite Hitchcock film - I've talked about it in my posts on The 39 Steps and Young and Innocent - and neither of those films have a 10 because ... what if I love The Lady Vanishes more!?

In 2012, the BFI had a Hitch season ~ it was their little bit of cultural Olympics. Hazel and I went and saw quite a few of them (at least 12, maybe more). One of the highlights was seeing The Lady Vansihes in a full NFT 1 - there was something beautiful about being in a room full of people watching this film - most of whom knew it, and knew it well.

I do love the film - Iris and Gilbert are lovely together (although Gilbert is such an arse at the beginning it's a wonder she tolerates him at all). I love the way the dialog fizzes ("cut it out kid, you're not drugged") - I love the stereotypes ("tea time, well all the English will be there") - I adore the fight in the luggage car ("don't stand hopping about there like a referee, cooperate. Kick him, see if he's got a false bottom") - I adore the model work, the sets, the gags and the happy ending.

But it's not a 10, and it's probably not my favourite Hitch film - I think maybe The 39 Steps got short-changed after all.

... although when we saw all those films in 2012 the only one I rated 10 then was... Young and Innocent!

It's probably one of those three though. Except... there's Shadow of a Doubt...

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