I woke up in the early hours of this morning with Pro>Gen by The Shamen in my head - I have no idea how or why it was there but, there it was.

I was never really into dance music - but if someone asked me to pick a 90s dance music archetype this would be it.

I first heard the track in 1990 when it turned up on the One Little Indian Greatest Hits Volume 2 spotify link compilation album - which I think was one of those low price samplers that labels would put out - the first side of disc 1 had The Sugarcubes, The Popinjays and The Kitchens of Distinction on it so I imagine that a cheap double LP with those three on it was worth a few quid.

The rest of the double LP set was of varying quality but Pro>Gen was pretty good … even if it couldn’t make me dance.

Pro>Gen - The Shamen (1990)

A year later it was remixed and re-released and became a huge hit - which was also an odd experience for me - being ahead of the game!