Suspicion (1941)

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to write about something that has so little to inspire - that’s the only explanation for having had this half-finished (actually barely-started) post sitting in a folder for over six months now.

I didn’t like the film at all - I didn’t understand the characters I couldn’t make sense of their feelings and didn’t get why they behaved the way they did, except maybe to give the impression of suspense and suspicion - but it was only that - an impression - and not really a very good one.

Joan is lovely and her role might have worked if we could undersand her desperation to have faith in Johnny - but … nope, makes no sense - the man is an arse and no matter how desperate you are you don’t have to put up with an arse like that particularly if you’re as lovely as Joan!

The points are for Joan’s loveliness and for Nigel Bruce being particularly loveably Nigel-Bruce-ey. Otherwise not one I’m in a hurry to return to.

Glad that’s out of the way… and if you call me Monkey Face one more time I’ll shove you off a cliff mate…

Source: DVD
Rating: 3/10
Hitchcock Zone: Suspicion (1941)