Ten years ago today I took my dad (well, he took me) to see Dean & Britta playing Galaxie 500 in Brighton:

We turned up early and watched the soundcheck

Dad checkd the merch table while Britta soundchecks

The show was lovely - I wrote about it at the time on AHFoW

Soundcheck over, dad scrounged a beer, told Britta her hat looked silly and told Dean about seeing Bill Haley and the Comets… I stood by, quiet and uncomfortable!

They finished the set with a storming Ceremony:

Dean wrote about my in his blog at the time

Andy Aldridge brought his Dad along to the show and we enjoyed meeting him. Andy’s Dad told me after the show that I should let Britta sing more and it’s true she has a lovely voice.

… and mentioned it during one of last year’s livestreamed shows … so, it seems my dad made an impression!?