Saboteur (1942)

Oh lord, we have been so neglectful. We’ve now watched Saboteur twice, and I’m still only getting around to writing it up months after the second viewing.

However, watching it twice was no great hardship since it is a cracking watch. Another of Hitch’s wrong man films - which seem to always push my buttons. And then throw in the lovely Priscilla Lane being sassy and resourceful and charming, and Otto Kruger being creepy and sinister and smarmy, Robert Cummings just being the part, and Norman Lloyd … falling.

OK … it’s no Young and Innocent or The 39 Steps but then Hitch had set the bar far too high with his British films, but it still crackles along beautifully.

The sequence on the circus caravan is lovely …

Circus folk - Saboteur (1942)

… and it has that fall!

That fall - Saboteur (1942)