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#LET5D0IT - Top 50 singles from 1954 to 1976
Day 44: Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton (1961)


Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton (1961)
The last of my teenage tragedy songs but not my last Meek production.

The Wikipedia page for Teenage tragedy songs has little song plot summaries for each of the songs in their list. The one for Johnny Remember Me rather kills the brilliant spookiness of it!

Protagonist's girlfriend died a year ago, cause unspecified, he still misses her.

Wikipedia / Teenage tragedy songs / Johnny Remember Me

Here are a couple that make them sound brilliant (and sadly better than the songs).

Reckless boyfriend crashes car leaving girlfriend paraplegic; he robs a store to fund her surgery, gets shot by cops and lies dying at her feet as he realises she can walk after all.

Wikipedia / Teenage tragedy songs / Oh, Susie Forgive Me - Kenny Karen
(a shameless Tell Laura I Love Her rip-off)

Narrator meets girl on the beach, then she dies in a shark attack. Devastated, the narrator picks up a knife and sets off to kill the shark in retribution.

Wikipedia / Teenage tragedy songs / The Water Was Red - Johnny Cymbal

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