Kristin Hersh

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For a few years in the late 80s and early 90s I taped a few of the shows I went to - I really didn't enjoy taping shows, I found myself thinking more about the recording than the show itself. Not clapping or cheering too much or too loudly for fear that my presence on the recording would ruin it. After a while I gave up and while I don't regret giving up and I wouldn't bother taping shows again it has been fun going through the shows I recorded readying them for Dimeadozen

Last night I was listening to a recording I made of a Kristin Hersh solo show in London from 1992. This was a year before the release of her first solo album Hips and Makers so I guess there weren't too many KH solo shows before this. The setlist was mostly made up of Throwing Muses numbers with a couple of tracks that would show up on that first solo album.

It had been a while since I'd listened to Throwing Muses and I was reminded what a damn fine band they were and how for three albums - Hunkpapa (1990), The Real Ramona (1991) and Red Heaven (1992) - they were making some of the best music around at a time when (mainstream) alternative music was sufferiung under the relentless pummelling of grunge. By the time University came out in 1995 I think the band had lost its way and the Kristin Hersh solo material was considerably more intersting to me.

With Throwing Muses on another hiatus Kristin is touting round a quasi-metal outfit 50ft Wave.

The excellent Beestung has a stack of Throwing Muses and Kristin Hersh (and Belly and Tanya Donnelly) music for download


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