Ballboy @ The Marquee
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I caught the very lovely Ballboy at The Marquee on Saturday night

First act were The Lodger who made an enjoyable lo-fi melodic guitar pop - certainly worth keeping an eye on. Next up were Decoration, - while technical glitches may have helped make their performance a little underwhelming I found their brash and slightly macho guitar rock a little tiring.

Ballboy are another of those bands (see also Galaxie 500) that just seem to have my unconditional love and therefore render me completely incapable of passing an objective opinion. They played a too short set and I loved every minute of it...however they do suffer from not looking rock and roll enough - you have Gordon, lanky and looking slightly nerdy. Gary resembling the drummer in the local jazz ensemble and Alexa looking like your best mate's sister. Thank heavens then for Nick and his rock and roll hat, standing in the semi-darkness and throwing rock and roll shapes with his guitar, fag hanging out of the side of his mouth...

There are lots of Ballboy mp3s for your enjoyment on their website - and then head off to SL Records to buy all their records.