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Corporate rock sucks #6: The great Decemberists rip off

Rip off

Arghhh - having taken the no doubt substantial wedge of cash from Capitol I'd liked to think that The Decemberists heart was still with their fans but it seems that it might only be with their RICH and/or GULLIBLE fans. Colin Meloy - having just completed a solo tour apparently has a few copies of the tour only EP left over which are now for sale at the Official Decemberists Shop - smarting that I am that he'll be charging $10 for an EP (or $14 outisde of the US) - I am absolutely bloody outraged that they should be selling a special "signed edition" for an extra $10 - $10 flipping dollars for Meloy's signature is an outrage.

I have bought albums and CDs from many artists over the years and they have, almost without exception, been happy to sign if asked (some have been happy to sign without being asked!!) - I have recieved special "signed personal notes" from famous people - and for all of this I haven't shelled out an extra penny. Billy Bragg will sign pre-orders of his forthcoming box set FOR NOTHING. Sonic Boom will sign anything you buy from him if you ask FOR NOTHING. But Colin Meloy will charge $10 for the privelege of his scrawl on an EP - well Colin you can keep the EP which I had gone to the shop to buy and enjoy your newly found major-label attitude!

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