Adam came home from school with a sponsor form. They're trying to raise money for a couple of class trips at the end of the (school) year and I applaud them for that - particularly as my contribution to class fundraising rarely goes beyond cooking some lovely shortbread for the occasional cake sale. However it seems that years 4 and 5 are going to have a Sponsored Silence!

This is 8-10 year old kids - sponsoring them to keep quiet seems such a pointless and unconstructive way to raise money. There are so many ways that could pull in the money and yet stimulate the children - sponsored...walking, running, jumping, hopping, joke-telling, story-writing, reading, painting, singing, dancing, nature-watching, brid-watching, tree-identifying, traffic-surveying, catching, throwing, juggling.

Possibly what's even more disturbing is that the sponsor form invites us to sponsor the children per hour - how long do they want these kids to keep quiet for! I think it's a teachers ruse for a quiet afternoon...

I wrote a whingy letter this morning but haven't sent it in yet - maybe I won't because frankly it seems a bit rich kicking up a fuss when I make so little effort myself.