In the wake of my childish and petulant rant at MySpace after Damon and Naomi decided to sign up to the flaky social networking Leviathan I was contacted by two former members of Galaxie 500 pointing out that there was an unofficial and inaccurate Galaxie 500 MySpace page and they thought it would be a good idea if there was also an official and accurate one as well

As if my ego hadn't been inflated enough by a namecheck on the Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste DVD they suggested that I might be the right person to look after such an undertaking. Obviously someone with any moral fibre would have been compelled to decline the offer - sadly I just crumbled under my own vanity and am therefore obliged to withdraw my previous dissing of MySpace and say that it is not a shallow, mindless and messy horror - but a lovely, flowery and friendly place to hang out.

So here it is the official Galaxie 500 MySpace page