Copyright thief

I recently uploaded to youtube a video of Luna playing Lovedust on the Conan O'Brien show from a few years back - and while I am of course NOT the copyright holder and therefore WAS breaking the youtube terms and conditions I thought that as it was a low res video of virtually no resale value (no offence to Luna but they're not going to make NBC a hatful of cash from reselling their performance) and that it is very unlikely that this clip will turn up anywhere officially I couldn't see the harm in bending (OK breaking!) the rules.

Today I received an email from youtube to say that the video had been removed because they had received "third-party notification claiming that this material is infringing". So the video is gone. A video that was...

  • not losing anyone anything
  • not damaging anyones reputation
  • providing an opportunity for Luna fans around the world to see something that they couldn't see officially

Copyright fascism is a sad fact of life. I just thought that Luna were far enough below the radar to avoid the interests of the greedy and petulant copyright "owners".