It's probably about 18 years since I first saw Kristin Hersh (as part of Throwing Muses) and have seen her a stack of times in between (both solo and part of the Muses) and I don't ever remember being disappointed - sure there have been some better than others but there's always been Kristin and that voice of hers to make up for the occasional deficiencies of venue or content or mood (both hers or mine).

Last night at the cosy Arts Theatre in London Kristin played through most (possibly all) of her upcoming album "Learn to Sing Like a Star" and sounded as good as she ever had. She seems to be more relaxed and comfortable than she ever has been and it makes for a more relaxed and comfortable show (that doesn't necessarily mean better).

The second half of the show was a run through of old songs (Your Ghost, Me & My Charms, Gazebo Tree etc.) and it was a fantastic evening. The backing band was made up of Bernard Georges (Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave) Rob Ahlers (50 Foot Wave) and The McCarricks on strings (who also provided an interesting support set or strings, electronica and video).