Nina Nastasia
(originally uploaded by solon99)

In my younger days of three or four gigs a week and taking a chance on anything, it might be that just occasionally two gigs of interest might turn up on the same day. But now I'm older and parenting and old-age and laziness mean that I make only a couple of gigs a month (at the very most) two gigs that I really want to see clashing is just an outrage.

Next month on the same night as I have tickets to see The Decemberists at the Shepherds Bush Empire, Nina Nastasia is playing a few hundred yards away at The Bush Hall. If I had a choice between the two I'd have picked Nina Nastasia, particularly as The Bush Hall is a much nicer venue. But I already have tickets and am taking Adam to The Decemberists so I guess I'm tied to that.

I'm sure I'll enjoy The Decemberists just fine (they've been great all of the three or four times I've seen them before) but really...