• Galaxie 500 - The Falcon, London 1991

    I have gone on ad nauseum about how I missed this gig which I guess means it has to be at #1. The Sundays cancelled, Galaxie 500 hastily set up this gig at The Falcon, Ken and I saw Andy White (shudder) at the Mean Fiddler...
  • Crime & the City Solution - The Powerhouse, London 1990 (approx)

    Arrived nice and early so Stuart and I went to the pub next door to look at his holiday snaps...we came out to "Sold Out" notices stuck to the door. We weren't that bothered and I'm still a bit surprised that we went at all.
  • The Rolling Stones - Wembley Stadium 1990

    Keith nicked his finger opening a can of beans and The Stones cancelled their London shows - I'd completely lost interest in seeing them when the dates were rescheduled.
  • The Shins - The Monarch, Camden 2004 (I think)

    "It won't sell out" was a mantra of mine, and for many years it stood me in very good stead. I knew the Monarch was small but this was The Shins and I know that The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow was getting good reviews but still - who'd heard of the Shins...My mate now doesn't trust me and buys advance tickets for everything!
  • Pulp - The Town & Country Club 199x

    I felt rubbish and got off the tube at Shepherds Bush and went home. Hazel nearly got beaten up by a tout while trying to sell my ticket outside.
  • ZZ Top - The Marquee 1983

    We arrived really early and there was a queue - and right near the front of the queue were a couple of mates...so we cut in and waited...and waited...and waited - celebs (I remember Jonathan King being one of them) sauntered past us into the venue, an hour later they all came out again. Gig over, someone came out and gave us badges and we went home.

(two consecutive posts that mention ZZ Top - funny because I haven't thought about them at all for many MANY years)