I'm too tired and old to think of a clever My Top 6...so here's a dull one instead...

  1. Low

    I'm actually a little surprised to see Low up here...I know I listen to them a lot and they have released a very good new album recently (Drums And Guns) out which certainly would have bumped them up my chart - but not to No.1 - I suspected that place was destined for...
  2. Joanna Newsom

    I suspect that the only reason Joanna is at No.2 is because the amazing Ys only has the five tracks on it. If last.fm did charts based on the amount of time I'd listened to an artist Joanna would be miles and miles ahead of the rest of the pack.
  3. Galaxie 500

    No surprise here - I listen to a Galaxie 500 album at least once a week - not through any sort of religious requirement but just sometimes I look at my library and can't help myself.
  4. Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham

    When L'Avventura came out I loved it to pieces and it didn't bother me that it was so different from what Dean was doing with Luna because I knew there's be another Luna album. Things are different now, I do love Back Numbers but maybe not as much because I miss Luna and the music Dean & Britta are making is such a long way from Luna (and even further away from Galaxie 500). Still I've been listening to it a lot which I guess proves that I'm perhaps not that bothered. (Luna would be in this list if it was titled my top 7
  5. Stereolab

    Stereolab have a huge and rich back catalogue, and while I'm not the biggest fan of their recent releases it doesn't stop me from periodically having Stereolab days which normally feature a couple of the albums I love mixed up with one that I'm not that keen on in an attempt to try and come to terms with a band I love a lot making music that I don't love that much...they're in My Top 6 this time because I've obviously had a few days like that this time around.
  6. Espers

    Another surprise but I guess they may be becoming a band, like Stereolab, Low and Galaxie 500 that I just dip when nothing else taes my fancy because they suit almost any mood...
One thing that occurred to me as I rattled this out is just how much I still listen to albums. moley75 often mentions how she listens to her music on random, and a coupe of other friends have mentioned similar behaviour. I almost always listen to complete albums. Maybe my next step into the brave new world should be to try and take my music out of the context in which it was (for the most part) created.

Obviously this is kind of nonsense having been a great fan of the mix tape in the past so maybe it's less about the album and more about not wanting to deal with randomness...