Flare - Bottom

I'm not sure how I came across Flare, I suspect it was on the Low or Galaxie 500 mailing list many, many years ago. But having heard a little I rushed out and bought pretty much all that was available at that point which was this, their debut album, Circa an EP, and a couple of 7" singles. Everything was superb but Bottom was just so beautiful (there should be some words telling you just how beautiful but I couldn't think of anything worthy enough).

And then, like so many albums in my collection it sort of got lost in the filing and drifted out of my consciousness...I quite enjoyed last years LD & The New Criticism album which inspired me to revisit Flare and then this morning I grabbed a pile of CDs from the 'f' section and I just fell in love with Bottom all over again...

Confession time...

Despite my love of this, and my appreciation of the various and varied works of Stephin Merritt I have never owned 69 Love Songs. I did order it once but something (I can't remember what) went wrong and it never arrived...and I just never got around to following up on it. Maybe because by that time it was getting so highly praised that the snob in me felt the need to resist.

So I was never able to fully appreciate davidjennings's wiki dedicated to the album (I wanted to call it a love-wiki but it didn't sound as hilariously witty when I read it back to myself) and I'd sort of mumble incoherently and try not to give the game away whenever it got mentioned.

I've listened to The Magnetic Fields Get Lost this week as well as Flare so I was inspired to fill this hole in my collection this afternoon.