moley75 pretty much covered what I was going to say about last week's Aimee Mann concert, on her blog Let's Fold Scarves so this is mostly just a post of agreement.

I hate to be so negative about a venue but there really is almost nothing to like about the Dome. As far as I could tell they've squeezed two live music venues and an ugly "high street" into it and forgot to include any charm, any comfort, any atmosphere or anything to make you feel that you'd want to go back.

We were up in the gods of the smaller of the two venues - the air conditioning had failed and so rather than squeeze into our hot seats and fidget uncomfortably, we sat around the back of the venue which was a bit more airy. The sound was good (although the incessant buzzing from the blue neon lights around the venue was annoying) and the view, considering how far away and high up we were was not too bad (there was a big screen but it was positioned so that the only people who could see it were those close enough to not need it!).

The place had absolutely no atmosphere - maybe it was better closer to the front although I'd be surprised, it gave me the feeling that we were watching a video rather than at a gig. Aimee Mann was very good, and while I think the venue was the main reason for the listless show, I can't help feeling that she didn't seem to have the will to get things going, her smooth banter and charming fuck-ups were unable to inject any much needed life into the show.

The boat ride home along the Thames was a buzz and infinitely preferable to the Jubilee line!