Shelley's ears
The biggest problem I've had with this is finding a picture to illustrate just what bothers me about Shelley and her ears - because I'm sure her ears are just fine's the way her ears peek through her haircut that bothers me. We get a hypnotizing and distracting glimpse of an ear every time she moves her head. I guess that sticky-out ears and straight/flat hair just don't mix (see also Joni Mitchell).

The Shining must be one of the scariest films ever made. Jack Nicholson overacts like he always does and just for a change it's just the sort of film in which Jack's overacting can work (normally Jack appearing in a film is reason enough to not watch it - although there are of course exceptions). Shelley too, hams it up and the film gets no worse for any of her screaming and jittering about. The kid could use a haircut but even that doesn't bother me as much as bad-haired-kids often do. I must admit that I haven't sat through the whole film for a few years. First time I saw it I was bothered more by how different it was from the book than by Shelley's ears.

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