OK - it wasn't an album I "just dug out" - I haven't listened to an R.E.M. album for so very long, it is a bit frightening to think how much I listened to them from Reckoning to Document and then suddenly stopped. I kept buying the albums and giving them a chance up until Up which was the final straw.

Anyway I was having a major clear up at work and found a CDR of REM live in Hyde Park in 2005 and gave it a listen and occasionally got the buzz that reminded me why I liked them back then. But mostly I was astounded by just how fucking huge they became, I knew they got big in the time I stopped paying attention - but I was thinking a-couple-of-nights-at-the-Hammy-Odeon big not filling-a-royal-park-in-London big! Hearing the audience chanting along to The One I Love or Losing My Religion was just astounding to the point of sending shivers up my spine.

I think I might dig out a CD or two tomorrow...just for old times sake...

REM in Hyde Park - 2005

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