Nancy and Lee
Image swiped from this Hazelwood fansite

A couple of months back on the Galaxie 500 Mailing List we were discussing the great Lee Hazlewood, who passed away yesterday. This is what I had to say back then...

The second Nancy & Lee album "Again" was played a lot while I was growing up - "Did You Ever" still always reminds me of my mum (although it's not a favourite of mine, possibly because there was a time when I heard it too much!). But "Nancy & Lee" and "Nancy and Lee Again" are both great albums. I never really went beyond those two - not for any other reason than discovering my *own* music was more important than discovering my parents (or my older brother's) music.

Lee Hazlewood pretty much dropped off my radar until Dean Wareham and Claudia Silver released the Cagney & Lacee album Six Feet of Chain with its two great Hazlewood covers - the title track and By The Way (I Still Love You).