We just spent an exhausting week in Scotland visiting family so I loaded up my MuVo with as much as it could take and these were the six songs that I kept on coming back to over the course of the week...

  1. Petra Haden - God Only Knows

    As far as I can tell this is only available on Petra's web site and is a beautiful a-capella version of a beautiful song...I have been thoroughly enjoying her a-capella albuum of The Who Sell Out but this is sweeter because...well The Beach Boys are so much sweeter than The Who.
  2. Schrasj - Tower

    I thought I'd blogged about this before but I guess not. This was released as a 7" single on Fantastic records and is one I never get tired of listening to. I think there's a Rogue Wave connection that I never followed up on because I never got that excited by Rogue Wave. This website implies that there's is still a little life in Schrasj.
  3. The Divine Comedy - My Lovely Horse

    I put this on to cheer Adam up but it mostly cheered me up...if there was a silly grin on my face it was almost certain that My Lovely Horse was in my ears. Father Ted was a work of genius and "A Song for Europe" may well have been it's pinnacle (although it had so many highs I'm not willing to commit to that)...but we have to lose that sax solo!
  4. Bearsuit - Stephen Fucking Spielberg

    Bearsuit keep making the sort of indiepop music that just sticks - I'm a fairly recent convert although I downloaded this from eMusic a few months ago (although like too much recently this has now gone AWOL from eMusic (UK) recently) my interest was reinvigorated because of gordonballboy mentioning them periodically in his lovely podcasts.
  5. Espers - Flaming Telepaths

    Karen & Robert has a Best of Blue Öyster Cult CD in their car so I finally got the opportunity to hear the original which I'm not sure was quite as bad as moley75 thought, but did sound terribly dated whereas the Espers version sounds timeless.
  6. Nina Nastasia - This Is What It Is

    I love the strings and accordion that open and underpin this song - it seemed to work perfectly with the rhythm of the train.