Sometime in the Autumn of 2004 I put forward the idea of a tribute album to the members of the Galaxie 500 Mailing List and a bunch of excellent contributions trickled in over the next few months...the plan was to put out a proper CD in a nice two colour package sometime in the spring of 2005.

The project slipped...and slipped...partially because I was trying to get up the nerve to put together a contribution of my own (something that never happened) but mostly because I was just crap at getting things together...I started trying to ignore the reminders I set for myself but by the end of 2005 it was getting embarrassing.

I decided to scale down the ambition and go for a CDR and a laser printed b/w sleeve and so in March 2006 the tribute finally saw the light of day. I can't remember how many copies I sold/gave away (probably 80 or so).

But it was really too good a project to leave it at that. One of the contributers, mkorchia of the very excellent Watoo Watoo suggested a few months back that I should put the album on line somewhere - and even that took me bloody ages!

But here it is...finally...

You can download the complete album for nothing...

Decomposing - the songs of Galaxie 500 and Luna

Download the album

Please download it and enjoy it becuase it deserves a listen...and try not to think about the fact that it took me three years to do...I try not to!