Nord Express Loveland sleeve

Many moons ago someone sent me a tape with a lot of Nord Express tracks on because anyone who loved Galaxie 500 would surely love Nord Express - it was true, I did love them - but it was a very careless love, and like so much stuff that I had on tape, it sort of fell down the back of the sofa when my tape Walkman was replaced with a CD walkman and then an mp3 player.

Ron Harrity of Nord Express provided a fantastic version of Cold Night to the Galaxie 500 List tribute album (and offered to help out - an offer I shamefully turned down, a decision that contributed to the album's (very) long lead time...)

This post on Lunapark6 gave me a kick and inspired me to track down some Nord Express...and that tracking down turned out to be a bit problematic as not only finding the tape was difficult but digging out something to play it on was likely to be a pain. Luckily Peapod Recordings have released "Loveland", a compilation of unreleased material and also link to the Slumberland website were you can buy their previous releases. So the time has come to fill my boots with lovely indie guitar music. More modern music lovers can grab all(?) three releases from eMusic
and iTunes.
MP3: Half a dozen of them at Nord Express on Peapod records