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Corporate rock sucks #17: Prince reclaims his “art”

When people like Prince get all arsey about protecting their copyrights and start clamping down on people sharing their "grainy mobile phone footage" I start to despair that these people will never learn. To try and claim that people sharing their experiences can in any way reduce the artistic value of a performance is laughable at best. Now just maybe Prince is in the position where he can show such disdain for his fans without losing too much, but it saddens me all the same. The Internet as it stands is a good thing, the anarchic, chaotic, viral nature of the beast can only be a plus for discovery and discussion, for sharing and communing and that must be the best way to reach an audience. But if the "stars", the labels and their vile Internet ambulance-chasers can't see this then I can only sit back and wait for them to fail miserably...which they surely will...

Prince's actions are a brave and pioneering step to challenge the status quo and hand control over internet rights back to the artists.


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