Dean and Andy
Dean and Andy
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I've just finished Dean Wareham's book - for a fan it is a slightly frustrating gem of a read - it's written in an easy casual style with Dean's dry wit recognisable from 20 years of listening to his lyrics. Too often, however, the story ends too quickly - I know it's because I'm a fan and the book is written for people who don't necessarily care about every little detail of every little tour. That's possibly why the extended chapter on Pup Tent is so one of the high (and simultaneously low) points of the book.

There's a last page spoiler coming - you have been warned...

BUT there's a mistake - and it may be a mistake inconsequential to most readers but it really bothers me. In describing Luna's last show Dean suggests that Indian Summer was the closing song of the closing show - he describes his emotions and the way he steps back to listen to Sean - it's sweet and emotional...BUT WRONG. The last song Luna played was 23 Minutes in Brussels - the written set list had Indian Summer as the last song but apparently the band made a last minute decision to swap it with 23 Minutes which was due to be the penultimate track.

You can go here and listen to the last two tracks in the correct order, here to view the post I made the morning after or here to see a load of pictures of Luna at the last show...where they finished with 23 Minutes in Brussels.

OK...glad to have got that off my chest.