Grand Moff Tarkin's slippers.

Costuming difficulties resulted in a piece of trivia about Star Wars. He was presented with ill-fitting riding boots for the role and they pinched his feet so much that he was given permission by George Lucas to play the role wearing his slippers. The camera operators filmed him above the knees or standing behind the table of the conference room set.

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Although this post grew out of an omission in Wikipedia. When I joined the Vegetarian Society way back when, I was overjoyed that the patron at the time was none other than Victor Frankenstein (or Van Helsing or Grand Moff Tarkin) and coming across his Wikipedia entry I noticed that it omitted to mention this. So I decided that it was worthy of addition and went off to find the appropriate evidence so that I could add it to the site. But it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere. The Vegetarian Society misses a trick by not bothering to mention it. Britannica (obviously!) has nothing and scouring the Internet (and the research resources that my job gives me access to) provided no evidence that I can use in Wikipedia.

All I did discover was just what a lovely man Mr Cushing clearly was. As evidence I offer the vegetarianism, a bench in Whitstable and that Carrie Fisher "found it hard to deliver her lines to him and seem terrified [when she was] in the presence of a charming, polished man who smelled of 'linen and lavender'"

In August it will be 15 years since Mr Cushing passed away.

Update: Gotcha! I had to go to the Internet Archive (wish I'd thought of that before!) to find it but here's Peter Cushing's Obituary from the Autumn 1994 edition of The Vegetarian (The Vegetarian Society's magazine).