Today is 50 years since Buddy died in that plane crash and given that I'm not yet 50 obviously his death wasn't really something that had any sort of impact on me...but his music did. I grew up with a lot of Buddy Holly, my dad had a pile of original albums (that I think he acquired from his brother and that are now in my posession/shed). There was a period in the mid 70s where me and school friend Dave would spend an awful lot of our breaks talking about Rock 'n' Roll. I remember we smuggled a cassette player in on one school sports day and sat on the field listening to some great music during the events we weren't required to be a part of.

Dave, Greg and myself met up in Woking to go and see The Buddy Holly Story and then got chased around the streets of Woking by some hooligans - TheyDave and Greg lived in Woking so I dived on a train at the station and they probably got chased home. I enjoyed the film if not the after film entertainment.