These questions concern our universal experiences with music, how we’re exposed to it and our reactions. It’s not about how much you know or your tastes now in music (we can see that already in FB). Answer the questions or not, tag your friends or not. LOL at some of your answers.

  1. What was the first concert you attended? (Think way back). - Motorhead @ The Hammersmith Odeon in 1979.
  2. What was the most recent concert you attended? - Damon & Naomi @ The Luminaire in January
  3. Name of first album purchased? - Snoopy Vs The Red Baron by The Hotshots
  4. What format was that album in (LP, cassette, 8-track, CD, 45, iTunes, etc)? - 7" single
  5. What was the theme song played at your prom/formal/last high school dance? - n/a
  6. What is the last song you played on your ipod (or other music device)? - Perversion by Stereolab
  7. What music is a guilty pleasure (that you mostly keep quiet about)? - I'm not sure I feel guilty about anything - I like stuff that people mightn't expect - some musicals.
  8. What song, group, musician or genre do you absolutely dislike? - Songs where the video involves people dancing in rows towards the camera
  9. What was your favourite radio station in school? - BBC Radio 1
  10. What music did your parents listen to when you were a child?
    Mum = Daniel O'Donnell and Eoin McLove - she also liked classic country music like Dolly and Tammy and Don Williams
    Dad = Trad jazz, rock and roll - pretty much anything!
    Impressions then?; I hated most of what my mum listened to and spent a lot of time trying to turn her onto better things. Dad's hoarding of music had a huge influence on me.
    Impressions now?: Still hate most of the music my mum loved and still appreciate my dad's even thought there was a lot of rubbish in amongst it all.
  11. Can you read music? - Yes
  12. Do you play an instrument now? Yes (piano and guitar neither very proficiently) In a band? No
  13. Did you play an instrument as a child? No
  14. Ever play air guitar? - Yes In public? - Yes
  15. Ever do karaoke? No
  16. Did you ever drive anyone to distraction because you played a song over and over again? Name it. - Don't think so - maybe the Dear Paulina single when Dean first sent me the tape.
  17. Have you ever sung the words to a song aloud and then found out you had the words wrong? What was it? - Yes - most recently discovering that Nick Drake never held an ocean in the palm of his hand.
  18. What music do you wish you knew more about? - Almost everything.
  19. What is your most memorable music experience? - Meeting (and liking) all three members of Galaxie 500 - maybe the arse-print incident
  20. What was your High School or College fight song? I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it I don't know what that is nor do I care to find out. (that was the quote I meant!)
  21. Did you lie on any of the questions above? Not to my knowledge