Romantica, Rendezvous - Luna

Two albums that don't make my top three Luna albums but are both still in the running for album of the decade. Neither is perfect but both contain perfection. Romantica works better in retrospect and Rendezvous was more instantly likeable.

With Ghost, The Earth is Blue - Damon & Naomi

In years to come when historians look back on Damon & Naomi's contribution to rock music, and they will, With Ghost will be cited as their classic and The Earth is Blue as their sweetest.

L'Avventura, Back Numbers - Dean & Britta

One was during Luna and one was afterwards, and they sound different because of that. L'Avventura works at being different whereas Back Numbers finds it easy. Both are lovely.

Peel Sessions - Galaxie 500

I've kept away from comps and reissues but this gets a mention because it isn't really either and because it's brilliant and it's Galaxie 500!