Learn to Sing Like a Star, Speedbath - Kristin Hersh

Kristin is a treasure. She is unique both in her music and in her vision. She makes music for the best reasons and in Cash Music she kicked off a model of the future that I can understand. And on top of that she keeps making stunning music. My love for Kristin is unbounded.

And Then Nothing..., I Am Not Afraid of You... - Yo La Tengo

It's prob too recent for "of the decade" status but I'm sure in years to come Popular Songs will be in this list and Summer Sun probably should be too! YLT are consistent without being obvious and variable without ever being disappointing or frustrating. I expect them to keep not disappointing me for many years to come.

Vespertine - Bjork

I have so much time for Bjork but a lot of that time is spent in the company of The Sugarcubes. There's something a little big about her solo work that makes me inclined to shy away from it. I buy them all and listen occasionally but rarely actually love. Vespertine is the exception, it is closer to how I want Bjork to be.