No One Waved Goodbye - Tacoma Radar

Tacoma Radar like Galaxie 500 and they wear that love pretty openly but that doesn't mean this album is just derivative. There's plenty here to make it special. Mostly Jennifer Cosgrove's vocal. A slightly cleaner production would make this even better. As it is I love it to pieces.

A Guide for the Daylight Hours, The Sash My Father Wore - Ballboy

Ballboy have been consistently great over the course of the decade but these two albums are their best (so far). A Guide... is Ballboy the indie band and The Sash is them a little more grown up and stripped down. But across both albums is all the things to love about them.

When the Sky Comes Down it Comes Down on Your Head - The Zephyrs

If this album only had one track on it, if that track was Stargazer it would still be in the running for album of the decade. As it is it has Stargazer and a stack more - maybe none as perfect as Stargazer but most come fairly close. And it had a beautiful video too...