Artists of the noughts

Kristin Hersh - For more than just the music she made - for being the person she is and for painting a future that I can believe in.

Nina Nastasia - Never disappointing on record and one show that I will rate amongst my most memorable. If pushed You Follow Me might be my album of the decade.

The Clientele - Probably the band I've seen most over the decade, and not disappointed, not even once... and a run of perfect albums over that time too.

Damon & Naomi, Luna, Dean & Britta - I consider myself very lucky that in Galaxie 500's demise I was gifted with three acts I adore and the chance to be friends with some of the nicest people.

Joanna Newsom - Two stunning albums, one great (and one fairtly good) performance. Ys could have been album of the decade but I'm now unable to put it into lists or charts - it can't be found next to anything else.

Honourable mention to Ballboy, Yo La Tengo, The Decemberists

Albums of '09

The Xx - The snob in me is bothered by just how popular The Xx have become. But I still keep listening to the album and it really is quite excellent.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - This year has been sprinkled liberally with nostalgia - whether it has been me dipping into my metal past with Sabbath and Hawkwind, or spending time with Lush, Pale Saints, Bleach and Drugstore - the late 80s and early 90s nostalgia was fueled by The Pains...

13 Most Beautiful... - The DVD is good but I've mostly listened to 13 Most Beautiful as an album, having ripped the audio from the DVD. It works beyond the films.

There were plenty of others too... Julie Doiron, Cheval Sombre, The Clientele, Wye Oak, School of Seven Bells etc.

Gigs of '09

13 Most Beautiful... - Carnegie Hall - Not just for the show - although that was exceptional, but for the event, for the before and the after. And for Tugboat as an encore.

Damon & Naomi - The Luminaire/Cafe OTO - two great shows although I had to leave the second one early so the Luminaire show takes the prize.

Dean & Britta - St Giles - More for what it was because if I think to hard there were disappointments - the venue worked better as an idea than in reality. But lovely all the same.

Most shows I went to this year were wonderful so I'll chip in honourable mention to Julie Doiron, Pastels/Tenniscoats, The Clientele, Spiritualized