In May of this year I'll turn 50, to be honest the age thing has never really bothered me so I don't consider it a milestone or wince at the thought - but I thought I ought to celebrate it in some way so I thought I'd pick an album from every year of my life and just jot down random thoughts while listening to it - they won't be reviews, although I'm sure some might read like that. At the moment I have very little idea what 50 albums I'll choose, the intention is to pick from one or more of the following criteria

1. Albums I love
2. Albums I've never really listened to but are considered classics
3. Albums that I've never liked
4. Albums that had an impact on me beyond just their music
5. Albums that anyone cares to suggest I listen to
6. Albums I've never listened to before

Some other categories will undoubtedly arrive, but if anyone has any albums they feel I should consider for this series please do!

The intention is to finish with a 2014 album on 17th May - I've a fairly good idea what album that might be.

I also know what the first one will be, because I'm listening to it right now!